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Snow Leopard

One might say that Jobs is a good man, a God-fearing man that fights against the Microsoft oppressors. I say he’s a capitalist genius, with only the investors good being at heart.  Starting from something almost free – Linux (and yeah, I know it’s not quite like this… ) he’s got a product that sells for millions: the Mac OS X. Which at the time speaking has reached his 10.6 version! More versions, more money!

The so called “Snow Leopard” can be installed in many ways. One of them (a cheaper one) is to use an usb drive. I’ve got several hdd external usb enclosures around the table. You just have to sacrifice a little space on one of them.

Here is a link to a nice tutorial: http://osxdaily.com/2009/09/02/install-snow-leopard-from-external-firewire-or-usb-hard-drive-or-how-to-upgrade-to-106-without-a-dvd-drive/


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